1. With which Coffee machines can I use the Lino’spresso capsules?

2. Could I lose the warranty of my machine if I use the Lino'spresso Nespresso capsules?

3. Can the Lino'spresso capsules damage my Nespresso ® machine?

4. How much water must be extracted to obtain an Italian espresso?

5. What water should I use?

6. I feel that my machine is difficult to close, is this normal?

7.My machine is still dripping at the end of the extraction, is this normal?

8. My capsule is stuck in the machine what to do?

9. How do I dispose of capsules Lino'spresso?

10. Why is each capsule packed in an individual bag individually?

11. How long can I store my capsules?

12. The capsule can it guarantee to keep intact the intensity and aroma of coffee even when used for several months after its manufacture?

13. What coffee should I chose?

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